Kuzu zangpo la!! Greetings from Dragon Trekkers

The Dragon Trekkers and Tours established in year 1991 and it is one of the oldest tour operators in the country. We have professional guides with many years of experiences and we offer cultural tours to those keen on taking an in-depth journey into the culture and tradition of the Bhutanese treks and mountain expedition for the outdoor people and adventure to those looking for something more. From Botany to Ornithology, from anthropology to environment, and filming and much more, we offer it all. Visit the Dragon Kingdom through us and we will assure a worm and a comfortable stay guaranteeing moments that you will cherish throughout your life.

Why choose Dragon Trekkers & Tours?
  • Because we are dedicated and committed to give you a memorable Experience.
  • We offer more interaction with local people, thus intensifying the experience.
  • Competition in services has been our main focus.
  • You will get better service for lesser money.
  • You are assured the personalized service.
What do you get by choosing Dragon Trekkers & Tours?

Our trips offer you the best value for your money; all our trips are all inclusive, honestly priced, well-paced and one-of-a-kind. Your visit encompasses the best of all the places, stay in the most charming local accommodations or best campsites and meets fascinating people. Through our long experience, we then add more value by including a host of features, like a special prayer ceremony with Buddhist monks, a visit to a Bhutanese family home or a traditional Bhutanese dinner. We practice Responsible Tourism: Royal Government of Bhutan had a clear vision, right from the introduction of Tourism. The enlightened policy of “High Value, Low Impact” is very well suited for a small and fragile ecosystem like Bhutan. Because of the enlightened policy, Bhutan has managed to keep itself, not only as an exclusive tourist destination but a much admired place. As a responsible tour operator, we take great care not to spoil the local cultures and the environment. You will be sensitized well about the local cultures and etiquettes. Together, let us keep Bhutan away from the bad influence of mass tourism. The types of service provided:

  • Arrangement of cultural tours; comprising of sightseeing and visits to places of both cultural and religious interests in the country. It can be selected from our standard itinerary or customized itinerary suiting your every need.
  • Arrangement of treks over various routes in the Bhutanese Himalayas. Our treks range from three days cultural trek to the Snowman Trek, graded as one of the world’s toughest trek.
  • Cycling/biking tours in the amazing Himalayan landscape. The winding road around the mountains makes it an unforgettable experience.
  • Bird watching tours across the country with 675 species of birds of which some are endemic to Bhutan.
  • Special interest tours like Textile tours, Botanical study tours, Student study tours and Buddhist pilgrimage tours. All these tours can also be combined with cultural tours or with the colourful Buddhist festivals.
  • For people who want to sleep comfortably in Hotels, we combine cultural tours with lots of day hikes to magical places.
  • Familiarization trips for tour operators and travel agencies who are serious about promoting Bhutan.